Monday, December 7, 2009

Club Fem Party

The Club Fem party held at the Studio Chicago last Saturday was awesome. Not only did toys bring treats and a gift grab bag but I played with so many toys in different ways I never got bored. Ok so I only acted like it.

I not only tasted a new pie and decided to make my "Elmo" wear it and then eat it off my boot, but he got tickled furiously until he managed to turn purple and move the bondage table over about a foot. Ms. Simone and I really did a number on him.

I also caned a poor lonely boi's ass til it was nice and rosey then went off to tie up and suspend a pain slut who said he only wanted sensual. That will teach you to tell me you enjoy something. He was fun and fuzzy I had to pinch around a lot in his chest hair for finding nipples. And ass punching is always my favorite.

I then was asked to double Mistress Lori on a supposed pain slut who really was not a slut at all the wuss. Just because the flogger had metal tips. I left the puddle to Mistress Lori to finish off and then headed home in a wired state of mind.

If you weren't there you should have been. Keep an eye out for the next Club Fem party in January. If you want a little of my lovin in the meantime contact me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tickle me Elmo

Okay so his name wasn't elmo, but I have a muppet fixation. Guess who my favorite is? Well yes Ms. Piggy does provide a fascination but I see myself as the combination of her, Animal, and the hippy chick from the band. With an occassional Grover or Gonzo thrown in.

But I digress...he asked for bondage and tickling and why shouldn't I oblidge? I used leather restraints to strap him to the bondage table and since there is a cut out in the table where I can get between his legs I started playing with the goodies. Running my nails up and down his legs with the occassional nails on the tickly toes. But mostly my fingers teased his inner thighs and boy was his ass and balls ticklish.

It was great when I brought in some silly things like feathers. I don't really find them ticklish at all but it was good fun to make him hold it in his mouth while he was rolling back and forth when i flogged his balls and tickled his armpits. Every time he dropped the feather I punished him by either more ball tickling or some nails down the ribcage. At one point I was sitting on his face and smothering him because he wouldn't sit still when I tickled him. Though I really don't think "elmo" minded. Short of breath from laughing or screaming all I know is I was having fun.

My knee high boots left marks on his arms as I sat on him but I think it gave him something to remember me by. I'm looking forward to seeing him again on Saturday [Dec 5] at the Club Fem party he will be kneeling before me and serving me of course. I may decide to tickle him again if I so choose.

If you would care to be a part of the Club Fem party rsvp or call me and I may put your name on the guest list. Donations for the party are $20 and males are expected to be nude or in feminized clothing while serving the mistresses.

If you hadn't noticed already I am also on Twitter search for Yesmsc and join my following there!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad Bad Me

Yes my dearests I know my voice has been absent for a month on my blog. Go ahead try to chastise me. I dare you.

Been a crazy month, I'm in Philly today after having a performance at Diobolique Fetish Ball that was raved about. Spent the day at Delicious Boutique and Passional trying on clothes and wonderful goodies yesterday for the ball and certainly found lovely things that are going on my wishlist. and

After the ball last night I spent several hours in the bathtub with two hot men and watching them eat my stockings off of me while wearing my pink 6' heels then later watching two more hot men make out. I did have to force one of them to clean up the toilet bad bad boy.

Off to dance tonight to hot music. Be home tomorrow night. Don't forget to call or email me boys!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Detroit Rock City

I just arrived home tonight from my trip to the Dirty Show in Detroit. Had a smashing time. One of my best friend's photos was featured in the show so we went up to hang and look fabulous. Interesting art. Some NOT so interesting, but many of the people were.

I got so many complements on my House of Bias latex bikini that I ran out of comp cards to give out. I am attaching a pic so you can see.

Stayed in a four star hotel for next to nothing cause I am definitely getting my web savvy on. I love learning new things. Beware those of you who I experiment on. Hee Hee. Practice makes perfect...well almost perfect.

All in all a unique trip. Saw some other friends at the show and did a little ropetastic work. Watched some good and not so good performers. Though the spinning double hook suspension was fucking awesome and made me wish I was pulling too!

The only down side was a total asshole who wanked me for not only no show but he whined enough to come out to the Dirty Show and spend time with me and didn't even show up. He could have been my chair when my Atomic Boots got tired and gotten my drinks.

I get it that the economy has put a damper on expenses for some people but don't ask for a discount when I have never seen you before. I have procedures for a reason. But whining and trying to wheedle is just disrespectful. I also invited you to the show to serve me and my friend and you called three times to tell me you were coming but never showed. That is just bad form.

Just remember wankers Goddess has a long memory. And long networking fingers. Keep that in mind if you ever think I am here to serve you and not the other way around. If you desire to be in my presence have the respect to be a man and be straight up with me. I do not abide liars, wanker, and people who harm or exploit others. I'm a fierce and proud Mama Goddess.

So I use this as a lesson to all who think they can fuck with me. I don't put up with this sort of behavior. SAM's and Brats still have a sincere desire to please me. I was annoyed but found so many pretty toys to play with at the dirty show that I can only say you missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tsk Tsk poor boy.

The pretty girly who got tied up and had a chance to spank me [yes that is what I said] for the cameras was hot. And she kisses fabulously. The little boy toy who got his photo with me for the newspaper was happy and has contacted me for a private session, and I've been invited to do my burlesque performances at Theatre Bizzare for next year.

All's well that ends well and DAMN the ad hoc photo shoot as we were heading to 2 am breakfast was hot and steamy...I've put one up here but you can see more at my website gallery page.

B's banging

It has been a couple of weeks but I have once again been travelling and having the adventures so catching up with you bitches is at my convenience. So there.

Butt...pun intended I wanted to update you on my boi "b" he's such a sweetheart. Not only did he bring me pressies which I always find gives me smiles but he wore pantyhose for the first time for me when he came to see me.

Of course he tantalized me a bit first by sending some pics of him in the french cut black pantyhose, the tease. So when he came to me for some good caning I couldn't wait to rub my hands up and down his legs and fine fine boootay.

That didn't stop me from wailing on him either. I suppose it was an incentive for me since I wore the black plastic leggings he got me on another occassion and I was not able to run my hosiery over his. Arrrggggh! It's not nice to mess with Mother Goddess!

I hooked him up with long chains to my St. Andrew's cross and proceded to begin his torment while wearing my 6-3/4" metal spiked shiny knee high uber boots. He had brought me a batt and a combined cane with 4 spurs on it so of course I had to try them out. My hand first because I knew b wanted me to try out the new toys. I played so many games with his cute butt.

I had a set of new bamboo canes too sm med and large which I wanted to try out so he got a good wholloping with 8 different implements and my hand. By the time I had finished and brought him down I think he could have taken a nap. I had my energy up so we went to lunch after and had great Mexican food. We sat outside on metal folding chairs and had Margheritas and I smiled everytime my poor but shifted on the chairs. Cause I knew b's was ten times worse.

A few days later he brought me a copy of the video he took and my I am photogenic aren't I? But so are you b. You're a real trooper. I know you are going to be out of commission for a bit. I can't wait to wear the jodhpurs next time. Be safe so I have a chance to hit you again soon.

Hugs and kicking! [Because we cane cane cane!]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

I had six come over to my house last weekend. I've been travelling so much this past month that my housekeeping standards have fallen by the wayside a bit. So Six came over to do much cleaning and work for me so I could relax and enjoy my condo again.

It was annoying that he got caught up in the Labor Day holiday traffic and was late. I hate tardiness. So six had to wait to get naked for me. I finally had to relent because I was having him scrub the shower and I also wanted to see a naked boy cleaning. My chain around his ankle was the only thing he wore while breathing in toxic fumes. Oh yes the chain and a cute set of orange rubber gloves. With six's shy eyes the rubber gloves were adorable.

I came downstairs and turned on the satellite radio and sang while I did work on my computer. It was nice to know my boy was upstairs working hard. He came down when he had a few questions but when I went upstairs after he had finished that bath he had done a great job. So I rewarded him by allowing him to rub my feet while we had a break.

Afterwards he took apart the cushions of the couch and lint rolled them to perfection. I was very proud he even did the back of the couch. So naked again he got to dust my tv and stuff. He looked very hot with the swiffer and was meticulous of course.

He then cleaned the downstairs bathroom where most of my makeup and woman doo dads are. I suppose it was a minefield of things to clean and I like being precise. I even had ordered up some Thai food for dinner and after it was delivered six insisted on "cleaning my piggy [bank]" of all the dust and detritus it had gathered for a while before coming to get his grub. Good six.

See I can be all soft and squishy when I want to be. I love that six not only did a great job [as he should] but that we weren't "in session" I love my little prisoner 0663. Are you having a little tail waggle right now pet?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Event Schedule

COPE September 11-13[Ohio]
Kinky Kollege October 23-25 [Chicago]

These are the next two events I am attending. Call or email if you want to book a session at these events.

I'm back! GLLA

Yes several weeks of travel have taken its toll on me. At GLLA in Indianpolis I put myself up at auction and low and behold a lovely lady made me the second highest bid. I don't feel slighted though in the least. Considering the first highest bid was for a couple of cute boys who did some mad passionate kissing for the audience. It turned me on and if you figure out the math their bid divided by two was still less than that for me as a single. Am I that petty? Well it's the diva in me. They weren't jogging around in circles and tap dancing in their ballet boots. I'm really good in ballet boots. Do I have any volunteers for me tap dancing on their tummys in the ballet boots? I did on Sarge's back once and left imprints for two weeks. But I digress:

My winning girl was so excited she said she was a masochist which sort of gave me carte blanche. I spoke with her Sir and I stripped her naked in front of him and his friends and turned her into a beautiful art object for him. This lovely girl had boobies the size of my head and I loved them so. Her curveacious hips made a beautiful frame for showing her corset tied arms pulled together. It also gave me a bit of a handle to turn the vivacious cutie around so I could kiss and nibble those gorgeous boobs. "L" giggled as I told her what I planned to do to her and she kept trying to tell me what to do.

Now I must stop here and say, just how many of you have ever told your Domme what to do? Well attempted to tell them? Let's just say I gave her a bit of an attitude adjustment. My stroking of those lovely mammories became some severe nipple torture. Masochist that she was she tried to keep bratting me so I smacked the shit out of her melons until they bruised with an occassional bite to leave hickies all over her front while her Sir smiled his approval.

She didn't talk quite so much after that except to say that her arms were tired so I unlaced the corset tie and turned her around on the St. Andrew's cross and tied her wrists above her head and leaned my petit curves into hers. My nails and fingertips played music on her body and behind. I played slapping and punching rhythms all over her. She still couldn't quite quiet down so I shoved a black spandex hood over her head and started in with the canes.

When she started talking I whacked her a solid blow to let her know that nerves or not she was there to just feel my power and control. Then I took her foot between my legs like you would a horse when you are shoeing it and proceeded to cane her foot varying the intensity and listening to her breathing and moans. It made me smile. Sometimes it can be a massage and other times canning the foot can make it so you can't walk afterwards. I would have thought she had learned her lesson mouthing off to me. But I take care of brats...

She said when I was finished with that foot if I would cane the other to make it balance. Bet you can't guess my reaction. Well maybe you could. She had gotten some hitatchi in the beginning of our scene so not only did I not cane her other foot but I told her no more vibrator. Silly girl.

I then used her Sir's heavy elk flogger and laid into her back, legs and ass. I love making someone go all floaty. I finally made her speachless and after a thourough flogging which lasted for probably half an hour "L" could barely stand. She just drooped into the cross so I carefully untied her and had her sit down for a bit. I sent her Sir for some water [which admittedly was a switch you think?] and we cuddled a bit and I had her tidy up my ropes and toys and clean the cross before handing the lovely girl back over to her Sir. I also managed a bit of a squiggle for her Sir and sat on his lap for a while as we watched her do her duties for me in the clean up.

All in all I had a great deal of fun. See what you get next time I'm up for auction.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Burlesque SStripleX

You boys missed it! Wednesday night SStripleX performed live on stage at the Debonair Social Club on Milwaukee Avenue here in Chicago.

You sissy boys missed Ms. C and her purple cock on stage. I was a man baby! That's right x-dressing the other way!!! And I even had a woman tell me I was in the wrong restroom-that was awesome. It was great to have a pretty girl suck my purple cock and more on stage!

I also had fun with my sex kitten when during the circus sideshow me in my latex jodhpurs that "b" gave me-turned tricks while I cracked my 4ft singletail. And later just so you don't think I'm a wuss and I can take as much as I give-I contorted on a bed of nails [yes a bed of nails] and Mistress CandyXXX pierced my arms on stage for my human pincusion act. Hah! You wusses couldn't take me trampling you on the bed of nails I had made for the performance! Step up if you think you can take it.

Try coming and seeing what we will do next month. I'm learning the grinder and I'm adding fire eating to my fireplay reportoir along with the cups and wands. See ya!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missy Jo

You are sweet my dear. I love talking to you we have such extraordinary conversations. I can't wait to dress you up in my love sometime soon. I will definitely have to wear my pearls along with the "June Cleaver" dress and the purple strap-on.

I do have some naughty bedtime stories to tell you my dear. Puts a new spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears I must say!!!!


More summer playtime

Well i should continue, I was reminded of my footstool today while on the phone. Prisoner 0663 got tied up a few weeks ago and I used him for my pleasure while I worked on my laptop. I thought my footstool fell asleep he was so quiet as i dug my metal stiletto heels into his back.

Have I said how much I enjoy human furniture? I think I need a toilet paper holder again. I did need a soapdish this morning since I was in the shower and my soap fell. If a toy was holding it in his mouth for me I don't think I would have had the same problem.

I did let six give my shoes a little loving after i was done using him. He got to suck those metal heels and nibbled my arches a bit to and made me giggle.

We later went to run errands and stopped for a bit of bowling [yes sometimes its not all seriousness] I think I need someone to teach me how to bowl or I suppose I could just punish 6 for beating me but I had fun. I hated the shoes but it was fun to make 6 put them on for me he got to smell the smelly disgusting things as i had him tie the ugly bowling shoes.

My bowling outfit was rather avant garde i guess since I was wearing vintage nylons and a frilly garter panty that matched my bra. I put a black mini dress over the top so the guys in the next lane stopped bowling everytime I was up. A flash of garter and a little bit of ass can make anyone stop what they are doing I guess.

After that we finished shopping and I sent 6 home. I might have punished him enough by making him wait to orgasm until about 9 that evening, but he should have let me win right?

Catching up on summer fun

Oh boy, have I been a bad little girl. I've been travelling and spanking and turning toys into furniture and I have had too much fun to tell all of you souls about it. You are just waiting to hear my adventures aren't you?

Some highlights include a sexy corporal scene with my toy "b". He surprised me with some white latex jodhpers from Breathless and I put on my riding boots and had fun with him. Before using the crop and canes and some stingy bits on him I allowed him to rub slippery wet lube all over my latex covered ass and legs. I think it made him cheeky because there were some lube covered fingers that "accidentally" touched my latex covered pussy. Bad boy b.

I made him take a photo of me which I've added here and then put him over my knee and used the riding crop and my hand to tell him what a bad bad thing he did.

He liked me wearing the last surprise so much of black leggings that he bought himself a pair and wore them for me. They made his ass look so sexy for me but gave a little too much padding so I had to pull them down and make him lay over the spanking bench for some real punishment.

Damn that boy has a nice ass. It usually marks up pretty good but I think the leggings prevented surface brusing so I made up for it by striping him harder. Don't tell "b" but my arm got a little tired by the end of our session. Still I love a man with a sexy ass. And thanks again for the Breathless latex. I'm a latex fiend and it makes my ass look sexy as hell. Don't you think? Though don't pout if I'm out of touch for a bit baby, I enjoyed myself so much and I can't wait to see what color thong you wear next time. Have you thought about panty hose or tights? I love the feel of hosiery and can't wait to rub my hands on your ass in good hose.

Speaking of hosiery, I also visited the beach in my pirate bikini. I got a few stares in my black stockings. I did have to take my heels off since I did want to get into the water. But the wet sand feels good in my stockings and the dry sand tickls and eventually falls out of the hosiery. I had fun.

I will be travelling more this month so I hope I will not be remiss with my blog but if you are at GLLA in Indianapolis, IN August 21-23 and Spankfestival August 26-30. See you there!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just for Sissies

My new Sissyboy J called me and came a long way to visit. He's very shy. Beautiful grey/blue eyes and winning smile he shyly asked me to transform him into the pretty girl he new he could be. So I brought him to the Studio and we had a wonderful time.

He was thrilled with the assignment I gave him to go shop for some make up necessities before arriving. He said the rush he felt when assisted by the shopgirl made his heart race. When he arrived we talked about how he had no one really take the time to bring his girly girl out. So after a quick tour of the space I took him back to the closet of goodies and had him strip for me. He was so shy but I could see physically how excited he was.

He showed me his black frilly panties and his stockings and shoes we started from there. Gods I LOVE to see shapely legs in good hosiery and high heels. I especially enjoyed the pointy toes and the ankle strap. I made him show off for me. He has beautiful soft smooth skin and a bit of man boobs already, but I found him a black bra to go with his lacey black panties and gave him some real boobs. He saw himself in the mirror and boy did we have some difficulty tucking him back into his panties.

Now the real transformation began and SHE began to emerge. Into the bathroom we popped where the light was best and I painted a silver eyeshadow on with Marilyn Monroe style black liquid eyeliner and oh I would kill for Sissy J's natural lashes but we layered on the black mascara too. Some blush and highlights later and a glorious finish with hot red glossy lips my girl was born. Once or twice I had to use the hairbrush to discipline her for some problems with protocol, but oh she was just too excited.

I could see she was a natural redhead so I placed a long red shoulder length wig on Sissy J and voila, my Sissy Maid was glorious. I think she was almost in tears when I finally allowed her to see herself in the lighted mirror. I tied on her sheer black and white apron and had her walk for me. Up and down the hallway she learned to strut her stuff. At first she was timid and wobbled a bit, but I showed her the sexy way to walk and she admired my stance and followed suit with a little correction.

Afterwards she did her duties and performed chores in the kitchen for me while I checked my mail. I loved watching her sashay over to the sink. Our time was nearly up, and we were going to go out to lunch, but she looked so lovely I tied her in the stand-up cage so I could look at her while I ordered my food. She was so pretty and the sunlight through the curtains glinted off the cage bars and gave a lovely contrast to her alabaster skin and black lingerie.

My food arrived and I let her out to serve me. While I ate my fajitas Sissy J massaged my legs and feet and since she did a great job on my tired tooties I let her eat some of my leftovers off the floor.

Bent over and licking up the scraps I stood behind her and admired her curves. I took a photo [just for me and Sissy J] to show her how no one could say she wasn't all woman in that position. She was gorgeous and I have to admit that I got a little excited myself.

All too soon I had to finally let her go home, back into the mournful world of vanilla. So she showered and all traces of outer slut were gone but inside Sissy J was happy. She knows she will come back to me and we will eventually be able to turn her into a full-time Sissy Maid just for me. We plan on a shopping trip soon for more suitable sissy attire. I can't wait.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Did you miss me?

Yes the holidays kept me busy with photo shoots and some fun time. I had fun with several other Mistresses on July fourth. After a busy latex photo shoot with singletails we went over to a friends BBQ where the band crowned me "Miss America" since my jeans were hot and I was wearing a flag bikini top. That and my dancing in my cowboy hat. Especially when I was giving mutual lap dances in said hot jeans to Madame N. Yeehaa, its independence day right?

And last week I had fun with sounds. I made my toy wait to pee from his trip down from Racine because he was late. It doesn't pay to be late with me. He had to wait until I catheterized him before he could relieve himself of the two bottles of water and cup of coffee. That was fun. It was more fun when I did several sizes of sounds with him and added the new accuvibe I received as a gift. He squirmed. Alot. It made me very happy.

I also tied him and another toy together in suspension and then put some needles in him. After taking him down I put more needles in him and made him bleed. Then spritzed him with alcohol and made him bleed some more. That was exilharating. And he giggled like an idiot.

Afterwards we did some heavy CBT with whirly birds and my 6" spike heel kicking his sac. He just giggled somemore. I finished off with some fire cupping before sending him back to Racine.

Looking forward to this week. I have a pretty sissy maid coming to visit and clean my kitchen. I need someone to give me a pedicure too. Any volunteers?

Oh and best part is I got some lovely shoes from my boy six. Red with white polka dots and black stilletos and black lace up ankle boots. I'm waiting for him to get back from the holidays before stepping on his face in his pressies. But the shoe count is up to 110 now. I'm only a third of the way to Imelda you guys had better step up the pace. Go to my wish list now, click the link on my webpage. I want to reach 200 by the end of the year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Femdomme Society

Come join me bois and Ladies of similar disposition. I'm online at:

We can chat live and webcam is also available. Join up and become my online sissy slave or Ladies join me and we will have our own parties where the bois will give us our due.

Ms. C

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My weekly deviations

I had a relaxing week. I started off with toy b. He sent me a gift of lovely pleather pants, black of course and that second skin was lovely with my blue plaid bustier and knee high leather boots. I know he wanted to see me in them. Boys with their toys, but just to show that gifts don't hold sway with me I blindfolded b when he arrived at the studio.

I locked him into leather cuffs after he undressed to his sweet lavender thong from Victoria's Secret. Unseeing he seemed rather nervous as I led him to the cross and locked him up spread eagle facing the mirror he couldn't see.

I had brought a selection of toys to try. B's gifts of rattan canes last time were of course with me but I had a dragons tail and a flick crop along with my acrylic and aluminum canes. I love the sound of whippy canes. It is such a mind fuck. So I started using different things until b begged for Stingy. That is what I have named my nursery cane. Stingy is my favorite and apparently b's as well.

I striped b's ass until it was bubbly and hot. I laughed when he begged for more. I finally took off the blindfold and let him see me turn his cute buns into burger. He makes me laugh and took me to lunch after to show his appreciation. I enjoyed watching him squirm while eating his ravioli. Hard seats after all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor fun and games

Spent since last Thursday at Spankfestival in WI. Had a blast! I got to torture Ava Amnesia for my Torture to Transcendence class and shoved an inflatable cock in her mouth and make her eat girl scout cookies off the dirty concrete floor. (yes I know cookies is not historically accurate torture but public humiliation is...besides it was fun) Then I put her on a rack and scratched my nails down her repeatedly [technically that is called a Spanish tickler] then I did just that and tickled her til she begged for mercy. My "Sexy" class also went well and I had a pretty good time.

Had an excellent photo shoot out on the lake with fire and another one with Exavinamour on the backhoe by the garbage pile. If it weren't for the hordes of mosquitos I would be a happier camper. I love blood play but not when it is non consensual bugs. Yuck.

My next event planned is GLLA in Indianapolis. If anyone is attending contact me for sessions.

Ms. C

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanks for the memories

Well what have I been up to lately? Aside from the getting settled from Shibaricon and getting ready for Spankfestival[.com]?

Hmm, having fun with rosey cheeks. Toy b brought me a trilogy of canes, Sr. Jr. and a nursery cane that I swear is the best ever. The swish and whippiness just makes me grin and giggle and it made b squirm. I figured since he brought them I had to use them right?

And of course since he complained about my bermuda shorts last time I had to make up for the "no marks below the swimwear line." So Sr and Jr bade a wonderful tatu after I had b over my knee. He bought a black sexy thong so I could see his pretty bum get nice and pink with my hands.

Then I had him stand over my bondage table in front of the mirror and used his gifts on him. We had to test them all. I don't think the nursery cane is b's favorite, but damn it sure is mine! The roses b gave me after last session were droopy so I also used them on his "rosey" cheeks after all the canes he gave me. I pressed one of the roses in a book after breaking the thorny stem on his ass just so I can remember the moment.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shibaricon, et al.

Hey out there all my little toys I will be at Shibaricon here in Chitown this Memorial Day weekend having a ropetastic time. So if I see you there maybe we can have some playtime, though my dance card overfloweth...

June 6th at the Studio Chicago is the Club Fem party [male sumissives are required to be nude or wearing appropriate gear or ladies panties] I will be there supporting the Leather Archives & Museum with a raffle with many prizes but most importantly for a pair of shoes from Skycraper Heels either for yourself you sissy boys or most importantly for your Mistress of choice. Remember I wear a size 6 in open-toed shoes and about 6.5 or 7 in pumps or boots cause of my tiny little ducky feet that are so adorable. RSVP from and Let Ms. Simone know that you would like to attend her party in a most respectful way please boys and girls. A representative from the LA&M will be attending and bringing some artifacts from the museum. This is an opportunity to play too so I expect you to come, well maybe if you ask permission and I say yes...

I will be presenting at Spankfestival the second weekend in June This is a multi applicable community event where you will be camping with nudists, kinky folk, and swingers, etc. Honestly one of the best events I have ever attended. If you can think of doing it, it will happen.

Look forward to seeing all my toys and making new playmates in the near future if you are attending any the above events. In between call me or email me and we can have our own private playdate...

My handiwork

Naughty Boy b was so proud of my caning him that he sent me a photo about 4 days later and this was the result of his making me have to deal with traffic to reschedule our appointment. I cant wait until next week to have him over my knee.
I wonder what panties he will wear? I do love a naughty boy's butt all nice and rosey, but marks for a week or too are my favorite. And I love playing the SDS game. I still enjoy myself immensely when marks can't be had or explained, it just makes me that more creative. So "b" how did you like them apples?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Travels expediamente

I have been lax in telling you all about my exploits. While I really don't have to excuse myself I've been caught up in my travels and have not had the opportunity. So here are some of my most recent moments:

I just finished making my "six" into a gimpy footstool for his birthday. He needs to learn more about rope so I showed him a simple double column tie and then proceeded to hood him and rest my tired tootsies while I caught up on my email. Yes I know his knees and arms hurt but he's a footstool, should I care? Having my stockinged foot kick and caress his ringed cock but I had to stop cause he was leaking all over the place. No one likes a leaky foot stool.

I also had a wonderful session last week of full body worship. I love massage. I love touching and caressing and working me over so I am a completely relaxed domme. Having you pour your heart out to me while you gave me your energy and soul was refresshing. You are coming back next week, though the cheeky brattiness may need to be curtailed more. I suppose you think you are mr something because you had me on "your" table. Making you wear the sexy girly thong was only a minor comeuppance. Wait til next week.

And I recently had a quicky caning session with a new boy. It was amazing, I totally went into a fabulous headspace and gave his ass a beautiful covering so that he was wearing my version of "bermuda" shorts. It was a shorter timeframe that I usually do but was accommodating before he travelled. I guess that plane ride was even higher than a kite for him. I love total discipline sessions.

I had a stunning performance at Beyond Leather and I am looking forward to repeating it at Shibaricon as well. So for those of you out there my hair is orange for the time being. I love changing my hair color. It suits my mood being candy colored.

I also just finished several photo shoots for both Power Exchange Magazine and Bondage Magazine. The issues should be out soon. I am as fabulous as ever.

And last but not least I finished my article for Power Exchange Magazine on the power that shoes hold over people as a fetishist. Look for it and anyone who brings in a copy not only will I autograph it but will give you an extra half hour session [a full hour if you are a shoe fetishist] on top of your booking.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A wail of a good time

He walked out the door with his ass stinging. In a couple of hours the deep bruising will come up and he will need a few days recovering. The two hour trip home today is a small reminder of who is wielding the whip.

I started by tying his hands above his head on the bondage table and making him kneel on the bench. Then I came behind him and undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear to get bare bottom. It was his belt I used first. He said he deserved 50 lashes and he wanted to go as far as he could, though he couldn't count very well. Somewhere around 23 or so he lost count so I had to start all over again.

He wouldn't stay still so I tied leather straps around his cock and balls and fastened it to the bondage table too. That way if he flinched he'd be in danger of losing his manhood. It made him much more still, though he had to warn me to yellow. I pouted, he told me he wanted me to take him to red. But sweating I laughed when he said he didn't think it would be so soon.

I flogged him next with a short rubber flogger, the sting was good and he said "ow" a lot. My hands felt the warmth of his now pretty and pink ass. And when I changed up with a wide heavy leather paddle he almost came. Though he did manage to unfasten his CBB with his jerking I think a parachute next time will work better. He is a strong puller. Especially when my toy was crying harder and harder.

I brought out my carbon fiber wand. Its a tiny little thing about a foot long and stingy as hell. He had a checkerboard of welts puckering up and I played tic tac toe. I took him down when he showed signs of exhaustion and I laid him across my lap while sitting on my bench and proceeded to use the long slappy leather strap paddle on him. Poor boy, he begged for me to go harder and I laughed as I swung with all of my might listening to him moan and beg for more. Of course I stopped when he wanted to come.

I made him lay flat on the bench and I sat on top of him while I attacked his swollen buttocks again with the leather strap paddle and he wrythed all over the place. It was like riding a mechanical bull and I had so much fun. I can't wait to do it all over again. It was fun watching him walk around with his pants around his ankles as he cleaned up my implements of destruction.

He should remember this well into next week. I can't wait to see photos tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 style

I'm sitting here in my favorite local tea shop sipping tea, munching petit fours, and playing cards with my boy. I am so glad my friend the owner is okay with my lifestyle. She smiles when she sees me tell the boy what to do and how to dress for the occassion.

I'm wearing my little cherry mules today and kicking back and relaxing. I love making my boy draw 2 cards over and over. He's wonderful to toy with. Wait til he finds out what happens when I win the hand.

Of course even if I lose the hand...I still win.

It was originally customary to drink tea from saucers to cool off the brew. I think I am going to follow suit with that tradition while K looks away. Down boy lap it up now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tickle Me Elmo

I had a wonderful time with my very own "tickle me elmo" style toy the other day. First he begged a boon that I take my time and get long "dragon lady nails" done at my manicurists for him. It's been a while since I had artificial nails, my own half inch long natural ones were my usual fare. But I enjoyed being pampered and I actually enjoyed the inconvenience of not being able to do ANYTHING because of having the super long nails. So nice to sit back and have people gape and stare then offer to open public mind you.

I had some assistance dressing for my session in my turquoise blue china silk chegong dress and wore my 6-1/2" red patent leather custom china made shoes with the black bows on the open toe. And then my play toy arrived. Bearing gifts, my toy was a bit nervous. But I immediately pointed a long french manicured nail at him and told him to kneel.

After I collared him I led him to the whipping post and restrained him with cuffs. He had goosebumps on his naked flesh and complained of the cold. I soon had him dripping with sweat. Between finding all of his ticklish spots and torturing his poor nipples with those long nails the least of his worries was the chill in the dungeon.

My hands became some of the fiercest animals: creepy spiders crawling up his legs and scorpions pinching his nipples and pirate parrots pinching the sensitive areas between his thighs and the backs of his arms. Oh but the poking of spots really got him going. Those devil nails carved my initials in his chest and nearly pierced his ass cheeks after a round or two of rosying them up by a bit of spanking.

I found some of the most ticklish spots on his toes and tied one foot up to the post and proceeded to be merciless. After the back of his supporting knee gave out an hour or so into my teasing I unclipped his cuffs and let down his leg and threw him in the big comfy cage.

I tied his hands [still cuffed] through the bars above his head and tied each ankle to the side bars. And of course this allowed me easy access to all the most sensitive spots. I locked "elmo" inside and proceeded to attack his toes more readily. I climbed on top of the cage and became a tiger watching her prey, reaching in to poke and prod and tease until he rolled from side to side breathless.

Eventually like all cats I got bored and blindfolded my toy and put my ipod in his ears playing surreal music from the fifth element movie [My FAVORITE movie.] That's what my toy gets for saying his punishment felt like a Stanley Kubrick movie.

I left him all alone for a while and went out for donuts. I came back later and tormented him some more. I moved his feet so they would stick up through the bars for easier access. And when one of my ladies stopped by we tormented my pet and then chatted. I'm certain he relizes now that spitting a cloth gag out before I tell him to when I'm watering down my pet is not a good idea. Ice cold water bottles on his balls will remind him to wait patiently.

Finally after introducing my toy to the wonders of a violet wand on feet, and nipples and other sensitive parts of his body, I freed him and introduced him back into the wild. I can't wait to recapture him soon maybe I can sell him into some laboratory facility for "animal" testing...Oh wait, I want to do that testing on him. Next time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a note to my boys out there...

I enjoy hearing from you all. I had a lovely coffee with mr. president today isn't public ass worship fun?

Your texts and emails when respectfully submitted amuse me and I had fun answering one request for ball crushing beneath my stilleto heel with Haiku [that's a form of poetry for all my little schoolboys out there.]

I love Haiku. Simple format and I like sharing my wit. Plus after spending three years in Yokahama, Japan I enjoy the grace of the cultural form. My latest obsession is Japanese pottery and I visited the Art Institute's Oriental Art collection with my boy last week.

Of course my rope skills are from the art of Shibari and I adore making people beautiful in form and immoble in function. So I guess I have a great affinity for the Japanese culture.

I must have been a true Geisha in a former life...

Monday, April 6, 2009

So you want a story little boy?

You want to know what makes Ms. C tick? Well I will give you a, that's not it. *slap hard across the face* try again...

While you are thinking of your next shiny boot needs a good cleaning from all the mud I had to walk through today to get here so you could serve me. That's right...I want to see my beautiful reflection.

Now what were you trying to say? Oh no little boy, looking into your pleading eyes as you look up while that mess is on your tongue. That doesn't quite do it for me either. Though the gagging noises you are making while I shove this stilleto heel down your throat is a good start.

Perhaps what does it for me is your sincere desire to please me. To worship my phenomenal legs and tiny shapely ass. *wicked giggle*

Then again...maybe not. But my pointy, shiny toe stepping on your face is definitely a wonderful start...

Does that answer your question?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What makes a Domme a Domme?

Another post on MaxFisch.comtalks about topless sessions and got me to thinking about what actually makes a Domme a "domme."Long before I started doing this professionally I saw a number of ladies in the lifestyle who dressed the part but didn't act the part.

I reference this to the sort of "it" that is quintessential "Domme."I actually had one girlfriend who I was shooting for a webpage tell me that it didn't matter what she did as long as she had the costume she could be a domme.

Um, no. Then I actually did slap her. It felt good.It is people with her attitude that abound not only in the profession, but in the lifestyle. And part of that probably has to do with educating the public about the lifestyle.

I'm sure everyone has heard of "hollywoodizing" something. The robin hood syndrome where because Hollywood decided to portray something on the silver screen it is generally accepted that the way it is portrayed is what the truth is.

Nope. I could go on interminably about 14th century hosen and whether robin hood really did wear tights, but I don't want to digress too much.

Domliness. If there is such a thing is inherant in the person. I love rope. I love the feel, smell, taste, texture, mental concept etc. If I tied a shibari chest harness on myself or made leggings on me would that make me less of a Domme?

Answer is no.

Maybe it would not be someone elses kink. I get that. But the things I could do to you while wearing the rope, and with the rope that I could slowly untie while making you watch me then use on you. Grabbing your hair while I rubbed your cheeks agains my unprocessed rope as it was wound around my flesh...Get the picture.

I am appalled really that people think putting on a fetish type of outfit can make anyone an instant domme. [sound effects dah dah dahhhhh!]

It is unfortunate that escorts, or everyday people honestly believe that the costume is what makes them dommely. They have no thought for what it really is inside that makes up the belief, attitude, creativity, safety, and reality. And again that is not everyone.And it isn't just the "dommely" types that believe it some of the sub types think that is the truth as well.

I really believe that clothing or costume or fetish can enhance what the experience is for the fantasy. But if you haven't got "it" you won't. "It" may have to be cultivated, nurtured, beaten into you whatever. But there is an innate sense of Domme.

Comments? Email me:

Beauty is Pain...Pain is Beauty I shall make you feel extremely beautiful.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Yes my babes in toyland out there it has been a while since I last posted my exploits. I had a wonderful all day session with my rotten prisoner boi, a great suspension of my bad bad sub and a hot bi session with body paint, rope, and lots of fucking and noises most recently.

It has been a bit busy to post and I had some computer issues but thanks to my man I am back in business and rocking.

FYI I will be in St. Louis over the 28th of March and will be in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida April 24-26th! Book now so I can put you into my limited schedule.

I have more of my exploits on the way!

Ms. C

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Latest deviations

Well my travels have been a hoot.

From having hot subs lube up my black latex floor length skirt paying particular attention to my shapely ass and thighs. To loving boot worship and trampling of teddy had to be there!

I'm home this week and I am looking forward to becoming a prison warden on Saturday and looking forward to putting my P in solitary confinement with a few well placed kicks and beat downs. He's been a naughty naughty boy. I have a written list of confessions...

I'm planning on several trips in the next few months and will be in South Florida for Beyond Leather if you wish to book a session I will put you on my calendar.

I'm also going to Dom Con in California the second weekend in May. As my birthday is May 1st I will be going out early and will be looking for slaves to take my birthday spankings from me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travel Schedule Feb and March

I will be at Kinkfest in Madison, WI this weekend [13-15th Feb], followed by Sinsations in Leather here in Chicago the weekend of March 6th. After that I will be visiting St. Louis the weekend of March 28th and Beyond Leather in Florida April 24th weekend.

If any of you are going to be in those areas at that time and want to schedule an appointment contact me for details. I can adjust dates in or around those weekends.

I am planning a trip to California for Late Spring Early Summer and will update those of you who are in that area.

It will be my pleasure to Beat you my dears...

Dildo Dreams Come True

I'm looking forward to going to Madison, WI again this weekend. I get some more playtime with my Feeldo strap-on. This is the one that goes up inside me while I use it on someone else. Had fun last Friday night and can't wait to bring it out again for Kinkfest.

I started out with a heavy make out session and I ass punched and kicked my darling L. I inserted a regular dildo that had a wide lip so it wouldn't slip too far inside my toy. And then I proceeded to use L. like a boxer's speed punching bag. The moans were both sweet and loud and I smiled and enjoyed myself with L's legs spread. I took a break every once in a while with my hands and used my knee on my naked and sweaty toy. Occassionally grasping L's inner thigh hard until wonderful screams erupted in the midst of orgasms.

Tired out, I inserted my Feeldo and forced L's slack mouth down on my purple cock by grabbing a handfull of mussed up hair and shoving deep. I love gag noises. L looked up at me with worshipful eyes and I smiled and said "Please me," while I lay back and enjoyed myself not even looking at my toy again until I tired of the slurps and said "Get on top."

Now that was a view. L rode my cock hard and I used my fist to punch L's pubis until another intense orgasm was about ready. I made L wait until I peaked and shoved my cock harder up before letting my toy release. I think I will use my fists again this weekend in a different way. I'll still use my strap on purple cock, but instead of a speedbag I think some fisting may be in order. I want to see L kneel on all fours. Lucky toy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disrespectful Carlos

Perverted Carlos Francis is worried I may tell other people about his nasty little habits. Well calling me 10 times at 6am is disrespectful.

My minions feel free to call Carlos at 31 6 57149752 as often as you like or can afford as it is out of the country call.

Carlos, put up or shut up you know where you can send tribute to make up for this shameful treatment of your Mistress. No worship for you now pathetic worm. You will just have to use the photos of me and your imagination.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Carlos Francis is a Pervert

Hah! Carlos Francis called me up and told me what a naughty boy he was. He is a well respected businessman from the Netherlands and he betrayed his best friend and partner named Peter.

Peter's daughter came to visit and Carlos bought her a PVC skirt as a gift. Her father didn't know it but when Alicia was bending over to pick up a book wearing the skirt Carlos ogled her and saw her panties. He went so far as to touch her "accidentally" and now he wants to be punished.

Well of course Carlos Francis should be punished...what a nasty thing to do to your best friend's daughter. The poor poor innocent girl. I will definitely punish you for that Carlos, you will be at my feet begging me to ruin you for good for decieving the innocent for your fetish. You betrayed your best friend's trust. And I will be your stern mistress and make you pay for your folly. Just see if I don't!

Edit: Now Carlos called and said he wants to buy me a car so I won't tell anyone his story. As if I expect a brand new Mitsubishi Evo on my doorstep. He is such a low down dirty pervert I don't believe him. Now I am forced to punish him for thinking he can bribe me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

If I wanted a bidet...

One of my toys came back for some tough love yesterday. He loves to drink me, but while he has had brown showers before he has had problems. A sweet toy he aims to please so I spent two days eating bananas and oatmeal and trail mix for that extra crunch.

On yesterday's chilly morning I had him strip naked and worship my red funky heels and suck my toes. I thought my bronze polish was going to be stripped off he was so ardent. He knew he had to please me or have no breakfast snack.

I had to go potty so I rode him to the slate floor bathroom across the studio. He was a slow pony with bony knees but didn't toss me off since I tied a chest harness on him and rode him bareback kicking in my heels.

We reached the bathroom and he lay face up for me, eagerly anticipating my juices. I had drunk quite a bit of tea before he arrived and a vitamin water as well so there was plenty to go. And I had his balls and cock for a handle to grab onto. There was a little back up with just my pee, but he caught most of it back and swallowed.

Then there was the main course. It felt so good to have my toilet take and recycle my wastes. Toy was good for the first two mouthsful. He flushed pretty good, but then all of a sudden I had a bidet spitting up liquid and solids. I took the bits off his chest and face and shoved it back down. Then made toilet suck and lick my fingers. Then another full mouth and made him chew. Toilet was a good boy laying in his backwash. So I made him turn over and lick up the bits that spouted out before, sucking up the waste and wet.

He was such a good toilet that I helped clean him up after he cleaned and sanitized the floor. A good toilet deserves a good washing to not smell like ass.

Then I gave him a rest and turned him into a carpet where after he removed my stockings and heels I made him wash my toes with his tongue while I stood on his face and I scrunched my toes in my carpet's fuzzy chest hair. My fingers ran through the shag and found little nubs that I wanted to cut off but decided to try and pluck out of the pile. They wouldn't come off no matter how hard I pinched or pulled. I tried to poke them into the carpet and see if the nubs would disappear but they didn't.

I think next time I am going to have to rearrange the furniture.