Thursday, June 25, 2009

Femdomme Society

Come join me bois and Ladies of similar disposition. I'm online at:

We can chat live and webcam is also available. Join up and become my online sissy slave or Ladies join me and we will have our own parties where the bois will give us our due.

Ms. C

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My weekly deviations

I had a relaxing week. I started off with toy b. He sent me a gift of lovely pleather pants, black of course and that second skin was lovely with my blue plaid bustier and knee high leather boots. I know he wanted to see me in them. Boys with their toys, but just to show that gifts don't hold sway with me I blindfolded b when he arrived at the studio.

I locked him into leather cuffs after he undressed to his sweet lavender thong from Victoria's Secret. Unseeing he seemed rather nervous as I led him to the cross and locked him up spread eagle facing the mirror he couldn't see.

I had brought a selection of toys to try. B's gifts of rattan canes last time were of course with me but I had a dragons tail and a flick crop along with my acrylic and aluminum canes. I love the sound of whippy canes. It is such a mind fuck. So I started using different things until b begged for Stingy. That is what I have named my nursery cane. Stingy is my favorite and apparently b's as well.

I striped b's ass until it was bubbly and hot. I laughed when he begged for more. I finally took off the blindfold and let him see me turn his cute buns into burger. He makes me laugh and took me to lunch after to show his appreciation. I enjoyed watching him squirm while eating his ravioli. Hard seats after all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor fun and games

Spent since last Thursday at Spankfestival in WI. Had a blast! I got to torture Ava Amnesia for my Torture to Transcendence class and shoved an inflatable cock in her mouth and make her eat girl scout cookies off the dirty concrete floor. (yes I know cookies is not historically accurate torture but public humiliation is...besides it was fun) Then I put her on a rack and scratched my nails down her repeatedly [technically that is called a Spanish tickler] then I did just that and tickled her til she begged for mercy. My "Sexy" class also went well and I had a pretty good time.

Had an excellent photo shoot out on the lake with fire and another one with Exavinamour on the backhoe by the garbage pile. If it weren't for the hordes of mosquitos I would be a happier camper. I love blood play but not when it is non consensual bugs. Yuck.

My next event planned is GLLA in Indianapolis. If anyone is attending contact me for sessions.

Ms. C

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanks for the memories

Well what have I been up to lately? Aside from the getting settled from Shibaricon and getting ready for Spankfestival[.com]?

Hmm, having fun with rosey cheeks. Toy b brought me a trilogy of canes, Sr. Jr. and a nursery cane that I swear is the best ever. The swish and whippiness just makes me grin and giggle and it made b squirm. I figured since he brought them I had to use them right?

And of course since he complained about my bermuda shorts last time I had to make up for the "no marks below the swimwear line." So Sr and Jr bade a wonderful tatu after I had b over my knee. He bought a black sexy thong so I could see his pretty bum get nice and pink with my hands.

Then I had him stand over my bondage table in front of the mirror and used his gifts on him. We had to test them all. I don't think the nursery cane is b's favorite, but damn it sure is mine! The roses b gave me after last session were droopy so I also used them on his "rosey" cheeks after all the canes he gave me. I pressed one of the roses in a book after breaking the thorny stem on his ass just so I can remember the moment.