Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My weekly deviations

I had a relaxing week. I started off with toy b. He sent me a gift of lovely pleather pants, black of course and that second skin was lovely with my blue plaid bustier and knee high leather boots. I know he wanted to see me in them. Boys with their toys, but just to show that gifts don't hold sway with me I blindfolded b when he arrived at the studio.

I locked him into leather cuffs after he undressed to his sweet lavender thong from Victoria's Secret. Unseeing he seemed rather nervous as I led him to the cross and locked him up spread eagle facing the mirror he couldn't see.

I had brought a selection of toys to try. B's gifts of rattan canes last time were of course with me but I had a dragons tail and a flick crop along with my acrylic and aluminum canes. I love the sound of whippy canes. It is such a mind fuck. So I started using different things until b begged for Stingy. That is what I have named my nursery cane. Stingy is my favorite and apparently b's as well.

I striped b's ass until it was bubbly and hot. I laughed when he begged for more. I finally took off the blindfold and let him see me turn his cute buns into burger. He makes me laugh and took me to lunch after to show his appreciation. I enjoyed watching him squirm while eating his ravioli. Hard seats after all.

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