Friday, April 17, 2009

A wail of a good time

He walked out the door with his ass stinging. In a couple of hours the deep bruising will come up and he will need a few days recovering. The two hour trip home today is a small reminder of who is wielding the whip.

I started by tying his hands above his head on the bondage table and making him kneel on the bench. Then I came behind him and undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear to get bare bottom. It was his belt I used first. He said he deserved 50 lashes and he wanted to go as far as he could, though he couldn't count very well. Somewhere around 23 or so he lost count so I had to start all over again.

He wouldn't stay still so I tied leather straps around his cock and balls and fastened it to the bondage table too. That way if he flinched he'd be in danger of losing his manhood. It made him much more still, though he had to warn me to yellow. I pouted, he told me he wanted me to take him to red. But sweating I laughed when he said he didn't think it would be so soon.

I flogged him next with a short rubber flogger, the sting was good and he said "ow" a lot. My hands felt the warmth of his now pretty and pink ass. And when I changed up with a wide heavy leather paddle he almost came. Though he did manage to unfasten his CBB with his jerking I think a parachute next time will work better. He is a strong puller. Especially when my toy was crying harder and harder.

I brought out my carbon fiber wand. Its a tiny little thing about a foot long and stingy as hell. He had a checkerboard of welts puckering up and I played tic tac toe. I took him down when he showed signs of exhaustion and I laid him across my lap while sitting on my bench and proceeded to use the long slappy leather strap paddle on him. Poor boy, he begged for me to go harder and I laughed as I swung with all of my might listening to him moan and beg for more. Of course I stopped when he wanted to come.

I made him lay flat on the bench and I sat on top of him while I attacked his swollen buttocks again with the leather strap paddle and he wrythed all over the place. It was like riding a mechanical bull and I had so much fun. I can't wait to do it all over again. It was fun watching him walk around with his pants around his ankles as he cleaned up my implements of destruction.

He should remember this well into next week. I can't wait to see photos tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 style

I'm sitting here in my favorite local tea shop sipping tea, munching petit fours, and playing cards with my boy. I am so glad my friend the owner is okay with my lifestyle. She smiles when she sees me tell the boy what to do and how to dress for the occassion.

I'm wearing my little cherry mules today and kicking back and relaxing. I love making my boy draw 2 cards over and over. He's wonderful to toy with. Wait til he finds out what happens when I win the hand.

Of course even if I lose the hand...I still win.

It was originally customary to drink tea from saucers to cool off the brew. I think I am going to follow suit with that tradition while K looks away. Down boy lap it up now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tickle Me Elmo

I had a wonderful time with my very own "tickle me elmo" style toy the other day. First he begged a boon that I take my time and get long "dragon lady nails" done at my manicurists for him. It's been a while since I had artificial nails, my own half inch long natural ones were my usual fare. But I enjoyed being pampered and I actually enjoyed the inconvenience of not being able to do ANYTHING because of having the super long nails. So nice to sit back and have people gape and stare then offer to open public mind you.

I had some assistance dressing for my session in my turquoise blue china silk chegong dress and wore my 6-1/2" red patent leather custom china made shoes with the black bows on the open toe. And then my play toy arrived. Bearing gifts, my toy was a bit nervous. But I immediately pointed a long french manicured nail at him and told him to kneel.

After I collared him I led him to the whipping post and restrained him with cuffs. He had goosebumps on his naked flesh and complained of the cold. I soon had him dripping with sweat. Between finding all of his ticklish spots and torturing his poor nipples with those long nails the least of his worries was the chill in the dungeon.

My hands became some of the fiercest animals: creepy spiders crawling up his legs and scorpions pinching his nipples and pirate parrots pinching the sensitive areas between his thighs and the backs of his arms. Oh but the poking of spots really got him going. Those devil nails carved my initials in his chest and nearly pierced his ass cheeks after a round or two of rosying them up by a bit of spanking.

I found some of the most ticklish spots on his toes and tied one foot up to the post and proceeded to be merciless. After the back of his supporting knee gave out an hour or so into my teasing I unclipped his cuffs and let down his leg and threw him in the big comfy cage.

I tied his hands [still cuffed] through the bars above his head and tied each ankle to the side bars. And of course this allowed me easy access to all the most sensitive spots. I locked "elmo" inside and proceeded to attack his toes more readily. I climbed on top of the cage and became a tiger watching her prey, reaching in to poke and prod and tease until he rolled from side to side breathless.

Eventually like all cats I got bored and blindfolded my toy and put my ipod in his ears playing surreal music from the fifth element movie [My FAVORITE movie.] That's what my toy gets for saying his punishment felt like a Stanley Kubrick movie.

I left him all alone for a while and went out for donuts. I came back later and tormented him some more. I moved his feet so they would stick up through the bars for easier access. And when one of my ladies stopped by we tormented my pet and then chatted. I'm certain he relizes now that spitting a cloth gag out before I tell him to when I'm watering down my pet is not a good idea. Ice cold water bottles on his balls will remind him to wait patiently.

Finally after introducing my toy to the wonders of a violet wand on feet, and nipples and other sensitive parts of his body, I freed him and introduced him back into the wild. I can't wait to recapture him soon maybe I can sell him into some laboratory facility for "animal" testing...Oh wait, I want to do that testing on him. Next time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a note to my boys out there...

I enjoy hearing from you all. I had a lovely coffee with mr. president today isn't public ass worship fun?

Your texts and emails when respectfully submitted amuse me and I had fun answering one request for ball crushing beneath my stilleto heel with Haiku [that's a form of poetry for all my little schoolboys out there.]

I love Haiku. Simple format and I like sharing my wit. Plus after spending three years in Yokahama, Japan I enjoy the grace of the cultural form. My latest obsession is Japanese pottery and I visited the Art Institute's Oriental Art collection with my boy last week.

Of course my rope skills are from the art of Shibari and I adore making people beautiful in form and immoble in function. So I guess I have a great affinity for the Japanese culture.

I must have been a true Geisha in a former life...

Monday, April 6, 2009

So you want a story little boy?

You want to know what makes Ms. C tick? Well I will give you a, that's not it. *slap hard across the face* try again...

While you are thinking of your next shiny boot needs a good cleaning from all the mud I had to walk through today to get here so you could serve me. That's right...I want to see my beautiful reflection.

Now what were you trying to say? Oh no little boy, looking into your pleading eyes as you look up while that mess is on your tongue. That doesn't quite do it for me either. Though the gagging noises you are making while I shove this stilleto heel down your throat is a good start.

Perhaps what does it for me is your sincere desire to please me. To worship my phenomenal legs and tiny shapely ass. *wicked giggle*

Then again...maybe not. But my pointy, shiny toe stepping on your face is definitely a wonderful start...

Does that answer your question?