Monday, April 6, 2009

So you want a story little boy?

You want to know what makes Ms. C tick? Well I will give you a, that's not it. *slap hard across the face* try again...

While you are thinking of your next shiny boot needs a good cleaning from all the mud I had to walk through today to get here so you could serve me. That's right...I want to see my beautiful reflection.

Now what were you trying to say? Oh no little boy, looking into your pleading eyes as you look up while that mess is on your tongue. That doesn't quite do it for me either. Though the gagging noises you are making while I shove this stilleto heel down your throat is a good start.

Perhaps what does it for me is your sincere desire to please me. To worship my phenomenal legs and tiny shapely ass. *wicked giggle*

Then again...maybe not. But my pointy, shiny toe stepping on your face is definitely a wonderful start...

Does that answer your question?

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