Thursday, February 26, 2009

Latest deviations

Well my travels have been a hoot.

From having hot subs lube up my black latex floor length skirt paying particular attention to my shapely ass and thighs. To loving boot worship and trampling of teddy had to be there!

I'm home this week and I am looking forward to becoming a prison warden on Saturday and looking forward to putting my P in solitary confinement with a few well placed kicks and beat downs. He's been a naughty naughty boy. I have a written list of confessions...

I'm planning on several trips in the next few months and will be in South Florida for Beyond Leather if you wish to book a session I will put you on my calendar.

I'm also going to Dom Con in California the second weekend in May. As my birthday is May 1st I will be going out early and will be looking for slaves to take my birthday spankings from me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travel Schedule Feb and March

I will be at Kinkfest in Madison, WI this weekend [13-15th Feb], followed by Sinsations in Leather here in Chicago the weekend of March 6th. After that I will be visiting St. Louis the weekend of March 28th and Beyond Leather in Florida April 24th weekend.

If any of you are going to be in those areas at that time and want to schedule an appointment contact me for details. I can adjust dates in or around those weekends.

I am planning a trip to California for Late Spring Early Summer and will update those of you who are in that area.

It will be my pleasure to Beat you my dears...

Dildo Dreams Come True

I'm looking forward to going to Madison, WI again this weekend. I get some more playtime with my Feeldo strap-on. This is the one that goes up inside me while I use it on someone else. Had fun last Friday night and can't wait to bring it out again for Kinkfest.

I started out with a heavy make out session and I ass punched and kicked my darling L. I inserted a regular dildo that had a wide lip so it wouldn't slip too far inside my toy. And then I proceeded to use L. like a boxer's speed punching bag. The moans were both sweet and loud and I smiled and enjoyed myself with L's legs spread. I took a break every once in a while with my hands and used my knee on my naked and sweaty toy. Occassionally grasping L's inner thigh hard until wonderful screams erupted in the midst of orgasms.

Tired out, I inserted my Feeldo and forced L's slack mouth down on my purple cock by grabbing a handfull of mussed up hair and shoving deep. I love gag noises. L looked up at me with worshipful eyes and I smiled and said "Please me," while I lay back and enjoyed myself not even looking at my toy again until I tired of the slurps and said "Get on top."

Now that was a view. L rode my cock hard and I used my fist to punch L's pubis until another intense orgasm was about ready. I made L wait until I peaked and shoved my cock harder up before letting my toy release. I think I will use my fists again this weekend in a different way. I'll still use my strap on purple cock, but instead of a speedbag I think some fisting may be in order. I want to see L kneel on all fours. Lucky toy.