Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What makes a Domme a Domme?

Another post on MaxFisch.comtalks about topless sessions and got me to thinking about what actually makes a Domme a "domme."Long before I started doing this professionally I saw a number of ladies in the lifestyle who dressed the part but didn't act the part.

I reference this to the sort of "it" that is quintessential "Domme."I actually had one girlfriend who I was shooting for a webpage tell me that it didn't matter what she did as long as she had the costume she could be a domme.

Um, no. Then I actually did slap her. It felt good.It is people with her attitude that abound not only in the profession, but in the lifestyle. And part of that probably has to do with educating the public about the lifestyle.

I'm sure everyone has heard of "hollywoodizing" something. The robin hood syndrome where because Hollywood decided to portray something on the silver screen it is generally accepted that the way it is portrayed is what the truth is.

Nope. I could go on interminably about 14th century hosen and whether robin hood really did wear tights, but I don't want to digress too much.

Domliness. If there is such a thing is inherant in the person. I love rope. I love the feel, smell, taste, texture, mental concept etc. If I tied a shibari chest harness on myself or made leggings on me would that make me less of a Domme?

Answer is no.

Maybe it would not be someone elses kink. I get that. But the things I could do to you while wearing the rope, and with the rope that I could slowly untie while making you watch me then use on you. Grabbing your hair while I rubbed your cheeks agains my unprocessed rope as it was wound around my flesh...Get the picture.

I am appalled really that people think putting on a fetish type of outfit can make anyone an instant domme. [sound effects dah dah dahhhhh!]

It is unfortunate that escorts, or everyday people honestly believe that the costume is what makes them dommely. They have no thought for what it really is inside that makes up the belief, attitude, creativity, safety, and reality. And again that is not everyone.And it isn't just the "dommely" types that believe it some of the sub types think that is the truth as well.

I really believe that clothing or costume or fetish can enhance what the experience is for the fantasy. But if you haven't got "it" you won't. "It" may have to be cultivated, nurtured, beaten into you whatever. But there is an innate sense of Domme.

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