Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad Bad Me

Yes my dearests I know my voice has been absent for a month on my blog. Go ahead try to chastise me. I dare you.

Been a crazy month, I'm in Philly today after having a performance at Diobolique Fetish Ball that was raved about. Spent the day at Delicious Boutique and Passional trying on clothes and wonderful goodies yesterday for the ball and certainly found lovely things that are going on my wishlist. and

After the ball last night I spent several hours in the bathtub with two hot men and watching them eat my stockings off of me while wearing my pink 6' heels then later watching two more hot men make out. I did have to force one of them to clean up the toilet bad bad boy.

Off to dance tonight to hot music. Be home tomorrow night. Don't forget to call or email me boys!