Friday, August 14, 2009

Burlesque SStripleX

You boys missed it! Wednesday night SStripleX performed live on stage at the Debonair Social Club on Milwaukee Avenue here in Chicago.

You sissy boys missed Ms. C and her purple cock on stage. I was a man baby! That's right x-dressing the other way!!! And I even had a woman tell me I was in the wrong restroom-that was awesome. It was great to have a pretty girl suck my purple cock and more on stage!

I also had fun with my sex kitten when during the circus sideshow me in my latex jodhpurs that "b" gave me-turned tricks while I cracked my 4ft singletail. And later just so you don't think I'm a wuss and I can take as much as I give-I contorted on a bed of nails [yes a bed of nails] and Mistress CandyXXX pierced my arms on stage for my human pincusion act. Hah! You wusses couldn't take me trampling you on the bed of nails I had made for the performance! Step up if you think you can take it.

Try coming and seeing what we will do next month. I'm learning the grinder and I'm adding fire eating to my fireplay reportoir along with the cups and wands. See ya!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missy Jo

You are sweet my dear. I love talking to you we have such extraordinary conversations. I can't wait to dress you up in my love sometime soon. I will definitely have to wear my pearls along with the "June Cleaver" dress and the purple strap-on.

I do have some naughty bedtime stories to tell you my dear. Puts a new spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears I must say!!!!


More summer playtime

Well i should continue, I was reminded of my footstool today while on the phone. Prisoner 0663 got tied up a few weeks ago and I used him for my pleasure while I worked on my laptop. I thought my footstool fell asleep he was so quiet as i dug my metal stiletto heels into his back.

Have I said how much I enjoy human furniture? I think I need a toilet paper holder again. I did need a soapdish this morning since I was in the shower and my soap fell. If a toy was holding it in his mouth for me I don't think I would have had the same problem.

I did let six give my shoes a little loving after i was done using him. He got to suck those metal heels and nibbled my arches a bit to and made me giggle.

We later went to run errands and stopped for a bit of bowling [yes sometimes its not all seriousness] I think I need someone to teach me how to bowl or I suppose I could just punish 6 for beating me but I had fun. I hated the shoes but it was fun to make 6 put them on for me he got to smell the smelly disgusting things as i had him tie the ugly bowling shoes.

My bowling outfit was rather avant garde i guess since I was wearing vintage nylons and a frilly garter panty that matched my bra. I put a black mini dress over the top so the guys in the next lane stopped bowling everytime I was up. A flash of garter and a little bit of ass can make anyone stop what they are doing I guess.

After that we finished shopping and I sent 6 home. I might have punished him enough by making him wait to orgasm until about 9 that evening, but he should have let me win right?

Catching up on summer fun

Oh boy, have I been a bad little girl. I've been travelling and spanking and turning toys into furniture and I have had too much fun to tell all of you souls about it. You are just waiting to hear my adventures aren't you?

Some highlights include a sexy corporal scene with my toy "b". He surprised me with some white latex jodhpers from Breathless and I put on my riding boots and had fun with him. Before using the crop and canes and some stingy bits on him I allowed him to rub slippery wet lube all over my latex covered ass and legs. I think it made him cheeky because there were some lube covered fingers that "accidentally" touched my latex covered pussy. Bad boy b.

I made him take a photo of me which I've added here and then put him over my knee and used the riding crop and my hand to tell him what a bad bad thing he did.

He liked me wearing the last surprise so much of black leggings that he bought himself a pair and wore them for me. They made his ass look so sexy for me but gave a little too much padding so I had to pull them down and make him lay over the spanking bench for some real punishment.

Damn that boy has a nice ass. It usually marks up pretty good but I think the leggings prevented surface brusing so I made up for it by striping him harder. Don't tell "b" but my arm got a little tired by the end of our session. Still I love a man with a sexy ass. And thanks again for the Breathless latex. I'm a latex fiend and it makes my ass look sexy as hell. Don't you think? Though don't pout if I'm out of touch for a bit baby, I enjoyed myself so much and I can't wait to see what color thong you wear next time. Have you thought about panty hose or tights? I love the feel of hosiery and can't wait to rub my hands on your ass in good hose.

Speaking of hosiery, I also visited the beach in my pirate bikini. I got a few stares in my black stockings. I did have to take my heels off since I did want to get into the water. But the wet sand feels good in my stockings and the dry sand tickls and eventually falls out of the hosiery. I had fun.

I will be travelling more this month so I hope I will not be remiss with my blog but if you are at GLLA in Indianapolis, IN August 21-23 and Spankfestival August 26-30. See you there!