Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Closing the year out with a "bang"

My holidays were energetic and filled with fun. Recently went to two gang bangs where my stiff purple strap-on cock were put to good use. There is nothing more fun than a group of sexy women gathering around a xantai suited gimp, holding our "cocks" and taking turns shoving them into the waiting hole.

And this past Sunday I went to karoke in my black catsuit and lace up knee high boots. I may not have had my cock with me but after my first song it's always fun to have impressionable submissives kneel down and kiss my snow/salt covered boot. Who cares if it was in public. Hee Hee.

Wonder what the new year will bring?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From a photo shoot this past weekend. Ise likes me new camo boots. Hows bout you? Want to be the first to lick them or have me trod on your sore nipples? How about I kick your sorry ass with them while I do something with my cigar?
Enjoy more me toys! Happy holidays, looking forward to opening you as my pressie!
Ms. C

Monday, December 15, 2008

Toilet Training

I love it when I get a nervous nilly come to me. He said he was a toilet boi, and boy did I put him through his paces. He seemed shy and wanted to be manly but serve me. He said he wanted to work towards me marking him permanently. And he asked if I could make him do the things he had been dreaming of but couldn't push past yet. I laughed. Then sent him to the kneeling bench.

The boi could barely tolerate the tiny clothes pins I put on his cock and balls. I saw him getting red in the face and asked if he was trying to be manly. He said "yes ma'am," of course and I laughed. He asked me to be gentle, I said maybe then pulled hard on the clothespins and twisted them until he cried out. "I don't need a man," I told him. "I need a toy. One who is willing to be real and serve me." I grinned wickedly as I flicked the pins on his balls. He couldn't take the weight I wanted to put on him and when I caned his cock he begged me to stop.

His shapely body squirmed as I twisted and pulled on the little pins. I got out bigger ones for his thighs and twisted and flicked them off. I guess you could say I was gentle. I got bored. So I towed him over to the suspension rig and made him hold the ring while I tormented his balls somemore. Smacking them around, kicking them apart with my black knee high lace up boots with the five inch heels. Some of the pins flew off. So what?

My toy wanted to twist everytime so I went around back and gave him a little lovin' Ms. C style. My nails scratched him and I smacked his ass hard. Punched his shoulders a little and them kneed him in the balls until he spread wide enough to take my thrusts. I wished then I had brought my thigh strap on so I could have shoved it up his pansy ass [but my last thigh harness died...too much use I guess.]

Toy whimpered and kept moving his legs and ass away from my harder and harder blows. I was nice at first and leaned against him letting him feel my soft skin and breath telling him to stand in place. But toy never listened. So I had to stop what I was doing and come back around front and step on the foot that was preventing me from busting the shit out of him. I crushed his toes under my boot and he begged forgiveness. After a little nipple torture for good measure I went back to kicking his crotch from the front.

Those speed lacing prongs accidentally knocked off the rest of the clothespins from his dick. Oh well. At least the pins didn't scratch my leather boot or he may not have made it through the session without the permanent damage he was begging for.

When my toy started to sweat hard and become incoheirant, I discovered I had to use the potty. I had been drinking vitamin water throughout my exertions and I really had to go. So I dragged my toy to the slate floor in the bathroom and made him lay down.

He was a messy messy toilet. I made him flush with a toilet sound everytime toy swallowed. And he was a lucky lucky toy. My spandex dress kept getting in the way of my view. I love to watch my toilet flush, so I took it off and stood over toy in striped bra and boots while he watched my pussy pee gallons. And it was gallons, hee hee. At one point toy yelled out "how much did you drink?" and I slapped him and told him toilets don't talk, especially hungry toilets.

He then opened for dessert and I gave him full access to lunch. He couldn't talk while I filled his mouth with creamy brown. He started to gag and I made him swallow, I watched his cock harden as I let go so I know he was just pretending. And then my toilet took more, his cheeks puffed out and I made him chew. He tried to hide some in a corner of his cheek but I made him open and shoved my fingers down his throat and told him to stop being a pussy. He had claimed to be hungry so he had to finish and make my flushing noise for me. Yum yum. I had a little more left for him and he made me proud and finished it all. Good toilet.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling Bratty?

I worked with a yummy young toy over the weekend. She was gifted to me by her Sir for my pleasure. She followed my instructions prior to our session but was less than honest when I asked if she was able to keep up with them. Her Sir had to inform me that the toy had been rather secretive regarding some of the instructions.

It came to me with a very shy hesitant look and I proceeded to transform her gorgeous size F breasts into a tight chest harness with purple silk rope. Her rosy nipples peaked when I flicked and teased them but she refused to acknowledge the pleasure/pain I gave her. I tied her legs spread to the suspension frame and used more rope to tie her wrists behind her head and gagged her with the braided strands.

I brought out carbon fiber "chopsticks" and placed them on those gorgeous nipples. I was rewarded with some whimpers but she was being stubborn. I spanked her round ass and told her I expected more from her. She would hold nothing back and she wriggled and whined trying not to let go.

I brought out my hand shaped leather paddle and spanked her cheeks and nipples and she started to moan and I smelled her wetness. The little brat broke my paddle and my hand reddened her ass and thighs. I decided to put her through her paces as her Sir watched and got a half inch cane to whip her with.

She pretended to not enjoy my attention but she moaned for more yet after the initial stripe she broke the cane. One implement I could understand but two...I brought out my acrylic cane and striped her ass and legs until she screamed in pain and begged for me to stop. Poor baby, did I stop? No, I showed her what being a brat will cost her and she sagged into my painful embrace where I pinched her sensitive rosy nipples until she cried. I bit and scratched her marking her as mine for the evening. She will have a number of stripes that will last for days, but we weren't finished yet.

She thought she could turn to her Sir for His assistance and when He laughed at her feeble attempts with Me she bowed her head and finally submitted to my ministrations. For her reward I laid her over a padded kneeling bench and shoved a giant dildo up her pussy after gagging her with her own silky red panties.

I reddened her ass cheeks even more with my nitrile gloved hands until she begged and begged for release. I told her under no circumstances would she be able to come until I said so. I kicked her ass and cunt hard with my shiny knee high 7 inch heeless boots until she moaned. I turned her over and had her show me what she wanted.

I made her put on a show for me arching her back, shoving the fake cock in and out and playing with herself. Her sounds were muffled with the panties and when she couldn't take it all in I used my booted foot to shove the dildo deep inside and striped her inner thighs with my carbon fiber cane. I allowed her to come when I was satisfied she was putting on a good show.

I allowed her to come five times but she didn't want to come anymore because it was too painful. For that final brattiness I made her come two more times with the Hitachi and Fucking machine then sent her packing back to her Sir.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why so serious?

I just had a wonderful first session with a new toy. I got him roped up and made him look very pretty in beautiful blue and red and purple mfp. The blue matched his eyes.

But wouldn't you know I just had to pee and had to take him down and send him to the potty. I left most of the ropes on him so I could see them as I used him. He laid down on the slate floor and begged me to fill him with my golden nectar. I dropped my panties on his face and laughed while he blindly smelled my intimates.

I stepped out of the panties and squatted over his face. Seeing his head raise and tongue come out I chastised him fiercely by torturing his nipples. A few drops came out at first and he caught them eagerly. I told him I had to pee like a race horse so he had better catch it all. Soon my warm juice flowed freely and I had fun making him turn his head to catch the stream as I made target practice. My toy got smacked several times for missing and had some landed in his nose and eyes burning them. Like a good boy he apologized for his failure and I then continued to fill his mouth overflowing.

He choked and gagged as the stream went faster than he could swallow and he made a dirty mess all over my floor. He said he couldn't handle any more so I got the filthy plunger from the bathroom closet and started to use it until he begged me to let him finish being my toilet. I stood over him at this point denying him close access to my feminine mystique and teased him. All he could see was my boots and legs and had to try to catch the nearly invisible stream of hot liquid. Much ran into his eyes and I chastised him for that.

When I had to pee no more I turned him over and made him suck up the puddle that he had spilled. He licked the slate tiles clean. I could hear the slurping noises as I went back to the kitchen for more to drink then stood watching him when I returned. As a reward I allowed him to help put on my polka dot panties and made him kiss all the dots thanking me for my nectar and for allowing him to clean my floor.