Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why so serious?

I just had a wonderful first session with a new toy. I got him roped up and made him look very pretty in beautiful blue and red and purple mfp. The blue matched his eyes.

But wouldn't you know I just had to pee and had to take him down and send him to the potty. I left most of the ropes on him so I could see them as I used him. He laid down on the slate floor and begged me to fill him with my golden nectar. I dropped my panties on his face and laughed while he blindly smelled my intimates.

I stepped out of the panties and squatted over his face. Seeing his head raise and tongue come out I chastised him fiercely by torturing his nipples. A few drops came out at first and he caught them eagerly. I told him I had to pee like a race horse so he had better catch it all. Soon my warm juice flowed freely and I had fun making him turn his head to catch the stream as I made target practice. My toy got smacked several times for missing and had some landed in his nose and eyes burning them. Like a good boy he apologized for his failure and I then continued to fill his mouth overflowing.

He choked and gagged as the stream went faster than he could swallow and he made a dirty mess all over my floor. He said he couldn't handle any more so I got the filthy plunger from the bathroom closet and started to use it until he begged me to let him finish being my toilet. I stood over him at this point denying him close access to my feminine mystique and teased him. All he could see was my boots and legs and had to try to catch the nearly invisible stream of hot liquid. Much ran into his eyes and I chastised him for that.

When I had to pee no more I turned him over and made him suck up the puddle that he had spilled. He licked the slate tiles clean. I could hear the slurping noises as I went back to the kitchen for more to drink then stood watching him when I returned. As a reward I allowed him to help put on my polka dot panties and made him kiss all the dots thanking me for my nectar and for allowing him to clean my floor.

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Donald said...

I can hardly wait to submit to your needs again. You should be worshipped always