Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching up on summer fun

Oh boy, have I been a bad little girl. I've been travelling and spanking and turning toys into furniture and I have had too much fun to tell all of you souls about it. You are just waiting to hear my adventures aren't you?

Some highlights include a sexy corporal scene with my toy "b". He surprised me with some white latex jodhpers from Breathless and I put on my riding boots and had fun with him. Before using the crop and canes and some stingy bits on him I allowed him to rub slippery wet lube all over my latex covered ass and legs. I think it made him cheeky because there were some lube covered fingers that "accidentally" touched my latex covered pussy. Bad boy b.

I made him take a photo of me which I've added here and then put him over my knee and used the riding crop and my hand to tell him what a bad bad thing he did.

He liked me wearing the last surprise so much of black leggings that he bought himself a pair and wore them for me. They made his ass look so sexy for me but gave a little too much padding so I had to pull them down and make him lay over the spanking bench for some real punishment.

Damn that boy has a nice ass. It usually marks up pretty good but I think the leggings prevented surface brusing so I made up for it by striping him harder. Don't tell "b" but my arm got a little tired by the end of our session. Still I love a man with a sexy ass. And thanks again for the Breathless latex. I'm a latex fiend and it makes my ass look sexy as hell. Don't you think? Though don't pout if I'm out of touch for a bit baby, I enjoyed myself so much and I can't wait to see what color thong you wear next time. Have you thought about panty hose or tights? I love the feel of hosiery and can't wait to rub my hands on your ass in good hose.

Speaking of hosiery, I also visited the beach in my pirate bikini. I got a few stares in my black stockings. I did have to take my heels off since I did want to get into the water. But the wet sand feels good in my stockings and the dry sand tickls and eventually falls out of the hosiery. I had fun.

I will be travelling more this month so I hope I will not be remiss with my blog but if you are at GLLA in Indianapolis, IN August 21-23 and Spankfestival August 26-30. See you there!

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