Monday, July 13, 2009

Just for Sissies

My new Sissyboy J called me and came a long way to visit. He's very shy. Beautiful grey/blue eyes and winning smile he shyly asked me to transform him into the pretty girl he new he could be. So I brought him to the Studio and we had a wonderful time.

He was thrilled with the assignment I gave him to go shop for some make up necessities before arriving. He said the rush he felt when assisted by the shopgirl made his heart race. When he arrived we talked about how he had no one really take the time to bring his girly girl out. So after a quick tour of the space I took him back to the closet of goodies and had him strip for me. He was so shy but I could see physically how excited he was.

He showed me his black frilly panties and his stockings and shoes we started from there. Gods I LOVE to see shapely legs in good hosiery and high heels. I especially enjoyed the pointy toes and the ankle strap. I made him show off for me. He has beautiful soft smooth skin and a bit of man boobs already, but I found him a black bra to go with his lacey black panties and gave him some real boobs. He saw himself in the mirror and boy did we have some difficulty tucking him back into his panties.

Now the real transformation began and SHE began to emerge. Into the bathroom we popped where the light was best and I painted a silver eyeshadow on with Marilyn Monroe style black liquid eyeliner and oh I would kill for Sissy J's natural lashes but we layered on the black mascara too. Some blush and highlights later and a glorious finish with hot red glossy lips my girl was born. Once or twice I had to use the hairbrush to discipline her for some problems with protocol, but oh she was just too excited.

I could see she was a natural redhead so I placed a long red shoulder length wig on Sissy J and voila, my Sissy Maid was glorious. I think she was almost in tears when I finally allowed her to see herself in the lighted mirror. I tied on her sheer black and white apron and had her walk for me. Up and down the hallway she learned to strut her stuff. At first she was timid and wobbled a bit, but I showed her the sexy way to walk and she admired my stance and followed suit with a little correction.

Afterwards she did her duties and performed chores in the kitchen for me while I checked my mail. I loved watching her sashay over to the sink. Our time was nearly up, and we were going to go out to lunch, but she looked so lovely I tied her in the stand-up cage so I could look at her while I ordered my food. She was so pretty and the sunlight through the curtains glinted off the cage bars and gave a lovely contrast to her alabaster skin and black lingerie.

My food arrived and I let her out to serve me. While I ate my fajitas Sissy J massaged my legs and feet and since she did a great job on my tired tooties I let her eat some of my leftovers off the floor.

Bent over and licking up the scraps I stood behind her and admired her curves. I took a photo [just for me and Sissy J] to show her how no one could say she wasn't all woman in that position. She was gorgeous and I have to admit that I got a little excited myself.

All too soon I had to finally let her go home, back into the mournful world of vanilla. So she showered and all traces of outer slut were gone but inside Sissy J was happy. She knows she will come back to me and we will eventually be able to turn her into a full-time Sissy Maid just for me. We plan on a shopping trip soon for more suitable sissy attire. I can't wait.

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