Monday, July 6, 2009

Did you miss me?

Yes the holidays kept me busy with photo shoots and some fun time. I had fun with several other Mistresses on July fourth. After a busy latex photo shoot with singletails we went over to a friends BBQ where the band crowned me "Miss America" since my jeans were hot and I was wearing a flag bikini top. That and my dancing in my cowboy hat. Especially when I was giving mutual lap dances in said hot jeans to Madame N. Yeehaa, its independence day right?

And last week I had fun with sounds. I made my toy wait to pee from his trip down from Racine because he was late. It doesn't pay to be late with me. He had to wait until I catheterized him before he could relieve himself of the two bottles of water and cup of coffee. That was fun. It was more fun when I did several sizes of sounds with him and added the new accuvibe I received as a gift. He squirmed. Alot. It made me very happy.

I also tied him and another toy together in suspension and then put some needles in him. After taking him down I put more needles in him and made him bleed. Then spritzed him with alcohol and made him bleed some more. That was exilharating. And he giggled like an idiot.

Afterwards we did some heavy CBT with whirly birds and my 6" spike heel kicking his sac. He just giggled somemore. I finished off with some fire cupping before sending him back to Racine.

Looking forward to this week. I have a pretty sissy maid coming to visit and clean my kitchen. I need someone to give me a pedicure too. Any volunteers?

Oh and best part is I got some lovely shoes from my boy six. Red with white polka dots and black stilletos and black lace up ankle boots. I'm waiting for him to get back from the holidays before stepping on his face in his pressies. But the shoe count is up to 110 now. I'm only a third of the way to Imelda you guys had better step up the pace. Go to my wish list now, click the link on my webpage. I want to reach 200 by the end of the year.

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