Friday, August 14, 2009

Burlesque SStripleX

You boys missed it! Wednesday night SStripleX performed live on stage at the Debonair Social Club on Milwaukee Avenue here in Chicago.

You sissy boys missed Ms. C and her purple cock on stage. I was a man baby! That's right x-dressing the other way!!! And I even had a woman tell me I was in the wrong restroom-that was awesome. It was great to have a pretty girl suck my purple cock and more on stage!

I also had fun with my sex kitten when during the circus sideshow me in my latex jodhpurs that "b" gave me-turned tricks while I cracked my 4ft singletail. And later just so you don't think I'm a wuss and I can take as much as I give-I contorted on a bed of nails [yes a bed of nails] and Mistress CandyXXX pierced my arms on stage for my human pincusion act. Hah! You wusses couldn't take me trampling you on the bed of nails I had made for the performance! Step up if you think you can take it.

Try coming and seeing what we will do next month. I'm learning the grinder and I'm adding fire eating to my fireplay reportoir along with the cups and wands. See ya!!!!

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