Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm back! GLLA

Yes several weeks of travel have taken its toll on me. At GLLA in Indianpolis I put myself up at auction and low and behold a lovely lady made me the second highest bid. I don't feel slighted though in the least. Considering the first highest bid was for a couple of cute boys who did some mad passionate kissing for the audience. It turned me on and if you figure out the math their bid divided by two was still less than that for me as a single. Am I that petty? Well it's the diva in me. They weren't jogging around in circles and tap dancing in their ballet boots. I'm really good in ballet boots. Do I have any volunteers for me tap dancing on their tummys in the ballet boots? I did on Sarge's back once and left imprints for two weeks. But I digress:

My winning girl was so excited she said she was a masochist which sort of gave me carte blanche. I spoke with her Sir and I stripped her naked in front of him and his friends and turned her into a beautiful art object for him. This lovely girl had boobies the size of my head and I loved them so. Her curveacious hips made a beautiful frame for showing her corset tied arms pulled together. It also gave me a bit of a handle to turn the vivacious cutie around so I could kiss and nibble those gorgeous boobs. "L" giggled as I told her what I planned to do to her and she kept trying to tell me what to do.

Now I must stop here and say, just how many of you have ever told your Domme what to do? Well attempted to tell them? Let's just say I gave her a bit of an attitude adjustment. My stroking of those lovely mammories became some severe nipple torture. Masochist that she was she tried to keep bratting me so I smacked the shit out of her melons until they bruised with an occassional bite to leave hickies all over her front while her Sir smiled his approval.

She didn't talk quite so much after that except to say that her arms were tired so I unlaced the corset tie and turned her around on the St. Andrew's cross and tied her wrists above her head and leaned my petit curves into hers. My nails and fingertips played music on her body and behind. I played slapping and punching rhythms all over her. She still couldn't quite quiet down so I shoved a black spandex hood over her head and started in with the canes.

When she started talking I whacked her a solid blow to let her know that nerves or not she was there to just feel my power and control. Then I took her foot between my legs like you would a horse when you are shoeing it and proceeded to cane her foot varying the intensity and listening to her breathing and moans. It made me smile. Sometimes it can be a massage and other times canning the foot can make it so you can't walk afterwards. I would have thought she had learned her lesson mouthing off to me. But I take care of brats...

She said when I was finished with that foot if I would cane the other to make it balance. Bet you can't guess my reaction. Well maybe you could. She had gotten some hitatchi in the beginning of our scene so not only did I not cane her other foot but I told her no more vibrator. Silly girl.

I then used her Sir's heavy elk flogger and laid into her back, legs and ass. I love making someone go all floaty. I finally made her speachless and after a thourough flogging which lasted for probably half an hour "L" could barely stand. She just drooped into the cross so I carefully untied her and had her sit down for a bit. I sent her Sir for some water [which admittedly was a switch you think?] and we cuddled a bit and I had her tidy up my ropes and toys and clean the cross before handing the lovely girl back over to her Sir. I also managed a bit of a squiggle for her Sir and sat on his lap for a while as we watched her do her duties for me in the clean up.

All in all I had a great deal of fun. See what you get next time I'm up for auction.

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