Sunday, September 27, 2009

Detroit Rock City

I just arrived home tonight from my trip to the Dirty Show in Detroit. Had a smashing time. One of my best friend's photos was featured in the show so we went up to hang and look fabulous. Interesting art. Some NOT so interesting, but many of the people were.

I got so many complements on my House of Bias latex bikini that I ran out of comp cards to give out. I am attaching a pic so you can see.

Stayed in a four star hotel for next to nothing cause I am definitely getting my web savvy on. I love learning new things. Beware those of you who I experiment on. Hee Hee. Practice makes perfect...well almost perfect.

All in all a unique trip. Saw some other friends at the show and did a little ropetastic work. Watched some good and not so good performers. Though the spinning double hook suspension was fucking awesome and made me wish I was pulling too!

The only down side was a total asshole who wanked me for not only no show but he whined enough to come out to the Dirty Show and spend time with me and didn't even show up. He could have been my chair when my Atomic Boots got tired and gotten my drinks.

I get it that the economy has put a damper on expenses for some people but don't ask for a discount when I have never seen you before. I have procedures for a reason. But whining and trying to wheedle is just disrespectful. I also invited you to the show to serve me and my friend and you called three times to tell me you were coming but never showed. That is just bad form.

Just remember wankers Goddess has a long memory. And long networking fingers. Keep that in mind if you ever think I am here to serve you and not the other way around. If you desire to be in my presence have the respect to be a man and be straight up with me. I do not abide liars, wanker, and people who harm or exploit others. I'm a fierce and proud Mama Goddess.

So I use this as a lesson to all who think they can fuck with me. I don't put up with this sort of behavior. SAM's and Brats still have a sincere desire to please me. I was annoyed but found so many pretty toys to play with at the dirty show that I can only say you missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tsk Tsk poor boy.

The pretty girly who got tied up and had a chance to spank me [yes that is what I said] for the cameras was hot. And she kisses fabulously. The little boy toy who got his photo with me for the newspaper was happy and has contacted me for a private session, and I've been invited to do my burlesque performances at Theatre Bizzare for next year.

All's well that ends well and DAMN the ad hoc photo shoot as we were heading to 2 am breakfast was hot and steamy...I've put one up here but you can see more at my website gallery page.

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