Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

I had six come over to my house last weekend. I've been travelling so much this past month that my housekeeping standards have fallen by the wayside a bit. So Six came over to do much cleaning and work for me so I could relax and enjoy my condo again.

It was annoying that he got caught up in the Labor Day holiday traffic and was late. I hate tardiness. So six had to wait to get naked for me. I finally had to relent because I was having him scrub the shower and I also wanted to see a naked boy cleaning. My chain around his ankle was the only thing he wore while breathing in toxic fumes. Oh yes the chain and a cute set of orange rubber gloves. With six's shy eyes the rubber gloves were adorable.

I came downstairs and turned on the satellite radio and sang while I did work on my computer. It was nice to know my boy was upstairs working hard. He came down when he had a few questions but when I went upstairs after he had finished that bath he had done a great job. So I rewarded him by allowing him to rub my feet while we had a break.

Afterwards he took apart the cushions of the couch and lint rolled them to perfection. I was very proud he even did the back of the couch. So naked again he got to dust my tv and stuff. He looked very hot with the swiffer and was meticulous of course.

He then cleaned the downstairs bathroom where most of my makeup and woman doo dads are. I suppose it was a minefield of things to clean and I like being precise. I even had ordered up some Thai food for dinner and after it was delivered six insisted on "cleaning my piggy [bank]" of all the dust and detritus it had gathered for a while before coming to get his grub. Good six.

See I can be all soft and squishy when I want to be. I love that six not only did a great job [as he should] but that we weren't "in session" I love my little prisoner 0663. Are you having a little tail waggle right now pet?

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