Sunday, September 27, 2009

B's banging

It has been a couple of weeks but I have once again been travelling and having the adventures so catching up with you bitches is at my convenience. So there.

Butt...pun intended I wanted to update you on my boi "b" he's such a sweetheart. Not only did he bring me pressies which I always find gives me smiles but he wore pantyhose for the first time for me when he came to see me.

Of course he tantalized me a bit first by sending some pics of him in the french cut black pantyhose, the tease. So when he came to me for some good caning I couldn't wait to rub my hands up and down his legs and fine fine boootay.

That didn't stop me from wailing on him either. I suppose it was an incentive for me since I wore the black plastic leggings he got me on another occassion and I was not able to run my hosiery over his. Arrrggggh! It's not nice to mess with Mother Goddess!

I hooked him up with long chains to my St. Andrew's cross and proceded to begin his torment while wearing my 6-3/4" metal spiked shiny knee high uber boots. He had brought me a batt and a combined cane with 4 spurs on it so of course I had to try them out. My hand first because I knew b wanted me to try out the new toys. I played so many games with his cute butt.

I had a set of new bamboo canes too sm med and large which I wanted to try out so he got a good wholloping with 8 different implements and my hand. By the time I had finished and brought him down I think he could have taken a nap. I had my energy up so we went to lunch after and had great Mexican food. We sat outside on metal folding chairs and had Margheritas and I smiled everytime my poor but shifted on the chairs. Cause I knew b's was ten times worse.

A few days later he brought me a copy of the video he took and my I am photogenic aren't I? But so are you b. You're a real trooper. I know you are going to be out of commission for a bit. I can't wait to wear the jodhpurs next time. Be safe so I have a chance to hit you again soon.

Hugs and kicking! [Because we cane cane cane!]

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