Monday, August 10, 2009

More summer playtime

Well i should continue, I was reminded of my footstool today while on the phone. Prisoner 0663 got tied up a few weeks ago and I used him for my pleasure while I worked on my laptop. I thought my footstool fell asleep he was so quiet as i dug my metal stiletto heels into his back.

Have I said how much I enjoy human furniture? I think I need a toilet paper holder again. I did need a soapdish this morning since I was in the shower and my soap fell. If a toy was holding it in his mouth for me I don't think I would have had the same problem.

I did let six give my shoes a little loving after i was done using him. He got to suck those metal heels and nibbled my arches a bit to and made me giggle.

We later went to run errands and stopped for a bit of bowling [yes sometimes its not all seriousness] I think I need someone to teach me how to bowl or I suppose I could just punish 6 for beating me but I had fun. I hated the shoes but it was fun to make 6 put them on for me he got to smell the smelly disgusting things as i had him tie the ugly bowling shoes.

My bowling outfit was rather avant garde i guess since I was wearing vintage nylons and a frilly garter panty that matched my bra. I put a black mini dress over the top so the guys in the next lane stopped bowling everytime I was up. A flash of garter and a little bit of ass can make anyone stop what they are doing I guess.

After that we finished shopping and I sent 6 home. I might have punished him enough by making him wait to orgasm until about 9 that evening, but he should have let me win right?

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