Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a note to my boys out there...

I enjoy hearing from you all. I had a lovely coffee with mr. president today isn't public ass worship fun?

Your texts and emails when respectfully submitted amuse me and I had fun answering one request for ball crushing beneath my stilleto heel with Haiku [that's a form of poetry for all my little schoolboys out there.]

I love Haiku. Simple format and I like sharing my wit. Plus after spending three years in Yokahama, Japan I enjoy the grace of the cultural form. My latest obsession is Japanese pottery and I visited the Art Institute's Oriental Art collection with my boy last week.

Of course my rope skills are from the art of Shibari and I adore making people beautiful in form and immoble in function. So I guess I have a great affinity for the Japanese culture.

I must have been a true Geisha in a former life...

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