Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor fun and games

Spent since last Thursday at Spankfestival in WI. Had a blast! I got to torture Ava Amnesia for my Torture to Transcendence class and shoved an inflatable cock in her mouth and make her eat girl scout cookies off the dirty concrete floor. (yes I know cookies is not historically accurate torture but public humiliation is...besides it was fun) Then I put her on a rack and scratched my nails down her repeatedly [technically that is called a Spanish tickler] then I did just that and tickled her til she begged for mercy. My "Sexy" class also went well and I had a pretty good time.

Had an excellent photo shoot out on the lake with fire and another one with Exavinamour on the backhoe by the garbage pile. If it weren't for the hordes of mosquitos I would be a happier camper. I love blood play but not when it is non consensual bugs. Yuck.

My next event planned is GLLA in Indianapolis. If anyone is attending contact me for sessions.

Ms. C

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