Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanks for the memories

Well what have I been up to lately? Aside from the getting settled from Shibaricon and getting ready for Spankfestival[.com]?

Hmm, having fun with rosey cheeks. Toy b brought me a trilogy of canes, Sr. Jr. and a nursery cane that I swear is the best ever. The swish and whippiness just makes me grin and giggle and it made b squirm. I figured since he brought them I had to use them right?

And of course since he complained about my bermuda shorts last time I had to make up for the "no marks below the swimwear line." So Sr and Jr bade a wonderful tatu after I had b over my knee. He bought a black sexy thong so I could see his pretty bum get nice and pink with my hands.

Then I had him stand over my bondage table in front of the mirror and used his gifts on him. We had to test them all. I don't think the nursery cane is b's favorite, but damn it sure is mine! The roses b gave me after last session were droopy so I also used them on his "rosey" cheeks after all the canes he gave me. I pressed one of the roses in a book after breaking the thorny stem on his ass just so I can remember the moment.

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