Monday, May 11, 2009

Travels expediamente

I have been lax in telling you all about my exploits. While I really don't have to excuse myself I've been caught up in my travels and have not had the opportunity. So here are some of my most recent moments:

I just finished making my "six" into a gimpy footstool for his birthday. He needs to learn more about rope so I showed him a simple double column tie and then proceeded to hood him and rest my tired tootsies while I caught up on my email. Yes I know his knees and arms hurt but he's a footstool, should I care? Having my stockinged foot kick and caress his ringed cock but I had to stop cause he was leaking all over the place. No one likes a leaky foot stool.

I also had a wonderful session last week of full body worship. I love massage. I love touching and caressing and working me over so I am a completely relaxed domme. Having you pour your heart out to me while you gave me your energy and soul was refresshing. You are coming back next week, though the cheeky brattiness may need to be curtailed more. I suppose you think you are mr something because you had me on "your" table. Making you wear the sexy girly thong was only a minor comeuppance. Wait til next week.

And I recently had a quicky caning session with a new boy. It was amazing, I totally went into a fabulous headspace and gave his ass a beautiful covering so that he was wearing my version of "bermuda" shorts. It was a shorter timeframe that I usually do but was accommodating before he travelled. I guess that plane ride was even higher than a kite for him. I love total discipline sessions.

I had a stunning performance at Beyond Leather and I am looking forward to repeating it at Shibaricon as well. So for those of you out there my hair is orange for the time being. I love changing my hair color. It suits my mood being candy colored.

I also just finished several photo shoots for both Power Exchange Magazine and Bondage Magazine. The issues should be out soon. I am as fabulous as ever.

And last but not least I finished my article for Power Exchange Magazine on the power that shoes hold over people as a fetishist. Look for it and anyone who brings in a copy not only will I autograph it but will give you an extra half hour session [a full hour if you are a shoe fetishist] on top of your booking.

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