Friday, January 9, 2009

If I wanted a bidet...

One of my toys came back for some tough love yesterday. He loves to drink me, but while he has had brown showers before he has had problems. A sweet toy he aims to please so I spent two days eating bananas and oatmeal and trail mix for that extra crunch.

On yesterday's chilly morning I had him strip naked and worship my red funky heels and suck my toes. I thought my bronze polish was going to be stripped off he was so ardent. He knew he had to please me or have no breakfast snack.

I had to go potty so I rode him to the slate floor bathroom across the studio. He was a slow pony with bony knees but didn't toss me off since I tied a chest harness on him and rode him bareback kicking in my heels.

We reached the bathroom and he lay face up for me, eagerly anticipating my juices. I had drunk quite a bit of tea before he arrived and a vitamin water as well so there was plenty to go. And I had his balls and cock for a handle to grab onto. There was a little back up with just my pee, but he caught most of it back and swallowed.

Then there was the main course. It felt so good to have my toilet take and recycle my wastes. Toy was good for the first two mouthsful. He flushed pretty good, but then all of a sudden I had a bidet spitting up liquid and solids. I took the bits off his chest and face and shoved it back down. Then made toilet suck and lick my fingers. Then another full mouth and made him chew. Toilet was a good boy laying in his backwash. So I made him turn over and lick up the bits that spouted out before, sucking up the waste and wet.

He was such a good toilet that I helped clean him up after he cleaned and sanitized the floor. A good toilet deserves a good washing to not smell like ass.

Then I gave him a rest and turned him into a carpet where after he removed my stockings and heels I made him wash my toes with his tongue while I stood on his face and I scrunched my toes in my carpet's fuzzy chest hair. My fingers ran through the shag and found little nubs that I wanted to cut off but decided to try and pluck out of the pile. They wouldn't come off no matter how hard I pinched or pulled. I tried to poke them into the carpet and see if the nubs would disappear but they didn't.

I think next time I am going to have to rearrange the furniture.

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derf said...

mmm MsC, i never did brown, but that is HOT