Friday, January 23, 2009

Carlos Francis is a Pervert

Hah! Carlos Francis called me up and told me what a naughty boy he was. He is a well respected businessman from the Netherlands and he betrayed his best friend and partner named Peter.

Peter's daughter came to visit and Carlos bought her a PVC skirt as a gift. Her father didn't know it but when Alicia was bending over to pick up a book wearing the skirt Carlos ogled her and saw her panties. He went so far as to touch her "accidentally" and now he wants to be punished.

Well of course Carlos Francis should be punished...what a nasty thing to do to your best friend's daughter. The poor poor innocent girl. I will definitely punish you for that Carlos, you will be at my feet begging me to ruin you for good for decieving the innocent for your fetish. You betrayed your best friend's trust. And I will be your stern mistress and make you pay for your folly. Just see if I don't!

Edit: Now Carlos called and said he wants to buy me a car so I won't tell anyone his story. As if I expect a brand new Mitsubishi Evo on my doorstep. He is such a low down dirty pervert I don't believe him. Now I am forced to punish him for thinking he can bribe me.

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