Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tickle me Elmo

Okay so his name wasn't elmo, but I have a muppet fixation. Guess who my favorite is? Well yes Ms. Piggy does provide a fascination but I see myself as the combination of her, Animal, and the hippy chick from the band. With an occassional Grover or Gonzo thrown in.

But I digress...he asked for bondage and tickling and why shouldn't I oblidge? I used leather restraints to strap him to the bondage table and since there is a cut out in the table where I can get between his legs I started playing with the goodies. Running my nails up and down his legs with the occassional nails on the tickly toes. But mostly my fingers teased his inner thighs and boy was his ass and balls ticklish.

It was great when I brought in some silly things like feathers. I don't really find them ticklish at all but it was good fun to make him hold it in his mouth while he was rolling back and forth when i flogged his balls and tickled his armpits. Every time he dropped the feather I punished him by either more ball tickling or some nails down the ribcage. At one point I was sitting on his face and smothering him because he wouldn't sit still when I tickled him. Though I really don't think "elmo" minded. Short of breath from laughing or screaming all I know is I was having fun.

My knee high boots left marks on his arms as I sat on him but I think it gave him something to remember me by. I'm looking forward to seeing him again on Saturday [Dec 5] at the Club Fem party he will be kneeling before me and serving me of course. I may decide to tickle him again if I so choose.

If you would care to be a part of the Club Fem party rsvp http://www.thestudiochicago.com/ or call me and I may put your name on the guest list. Donations for the party are $20 and males are expected to be nude or in feminized clothing while serving the mistresses.

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