Monday, December 7, 2009

Club Fem Party

The Club Fem party held at the Studio Chicago last Saturday was awesome. Not only did toys bring treats and a gift grab bag but I played with so many toys in different ways I never got bored. Ok so I only acted like it.

I not only tasted a new pie and decided to make my "Elmo" wear it and then eat it off my boot, but he got tickled furiously until he managed to turn purple and move the bondage table over about a foot. Ms. Simone and I really did a number on him.

I also caned a poor lonely boi's ass til it was nice and rosey then went off to tie up and suspend a pain slut who said he only wanted sensual. That will teach you to tell me you enjoy something. He was fun and fuzzy I had to pinch around a lot in his chest hair for finding nipples. And ass punching is always my favorite.

I then was asked to double Mistress Lori on a supposed pain slut who really was not a slut at all the wuss. Just because the flogger had metal tips. I left the puddle to Mistress Lori to finish off and then headed home in a wired state of mind.

If you weren't there you should have been. Keep an eye out for the next Club Fem party in January. If you want a little of my lovin in the meantime contact me.

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